Quick Introduction: Mario Mejia (Moblig)

My name is Mario Mejia, I’m from Honduras (Central America), I’m 20 years old and I am currently a Penetration Tester (QA Security Engineer) for Avantica Technologies and a Bug Bounty hunter in my free time. I am a self-starter, like many others I was inspired by movies, thinking that somehow, someday, I would be able to do the same things they portrayed in movies like The Matrix, Blackhat, Snowden, and many others. I’ve always been good at solving puzzles and uncovering things and as a naive 16-year-old my goal was to learn how to hack. I’m not proud to have started the way I did, but it is what it is. I started going into the deep web and searching forums for anyone who had the experience and willingness to teach me how to get started, fortunately for my own sake I never found anyone. I started reading hacking books and penetration testing articles, picking up little things along the way, the thing is that I never really thought that hacking could be done in an ethical way, I mean, I didn’t have bad intentions but I mainly saw this skill as a hobby, never would I have thought it to turn out as it did.


I am a Penetration Tester (QA Security Engineer) at Avantica Solutions working with several international clients and Bug Bounty Hunter in my free time.